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Infinity Capital LLC is in the Commercial Finance Business. We essentially unite commercial borrowers and appropriate lenders around deal and pricing structures which are mutually beneficial.  We believe that, if a deal makes economic sense, regardless of its size or location, we can introduce the right lender to not only close the transaction but to mesh with the client's ongoing financing needs.  We often describe ourselves as Merchant Bankers who craft financing packages for virtually every commercial need.  

The current economic and financial market uncertainties have created many challenges. We also provide consulting services to both buyers and sellers of notes and distressed properties.

Infinity Capital LLC arose out of a recognition that the ongoing consolidation of the banking industry in New England and nationally left worthy commercial borrowers struggling to find the right "fit" between their unique borrowing needs and appropriate sources of funding.  Interacting with conventional lenders, insurance companies,  specialized finance companies, leasing companies, mezzanine and private lenders, we have successfully and creatively arranged financing in all six New England states as well as disparate areas of the country including California, Florida , Michigan, Texas and elsewhere.  Focusing on transactions of $500,000 to $30,000,000, we have brought our unique problem-solving skill sets to bear on a multitude of complex situations.


Our Approach

  1. We listen carefully and probe to uncover the real needs.
  2. We assemble and analyze all pertinent financial and qualitative information.
  3. We draft deal summaries for carefully-chosen lenders, often in parallel, suggesting a workable deal and pricing structure which makes sense for the perceived risk level.
  4. We seek and evaluate term sheets/proposals to discuss with our clients. 
  5. We shepherd the client through the entire closing process.

The Deals

  1. Commercial Real Estate (CRE):  Acquisition, development, construction, bridge, permanent mortgages
  2. Business (C & I): Working capital, revolving lines, term loans, equipment finance, leasing, letters of credit

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